Visit to Concordia Children’s Services

My friends and I visited Concordia Children’s Services last saturday, October 16.  It’s always such a beautiful experience to carry the babies and play with them.


We arrived after lunch, boxes and donations in tow.  There was already a baby on the play area floor, who later turned out to be Joshua.  The volunteers there brought down more babies, and aside from Joshua, I got to meet Bianca, Althea, Danero, Kenneth, Rosalinda, Naomi, and Sam.  There were more kids, but I wasn’t able to get all the names.  My friends went upstairs, where there were more babies.   Most of the babies whom we played with were “chill”, they didn’t cry much and really enjoyed our company.  It was really hot, but no one really cared and we were just having such a lovely time.


Bianca, we found out, just arrived last October 5.  She was abandoned in Ever Gotesco and the person who found her surrendered her to Concordia.   She is a big baby who was very good – she never cried even if she kept coughing.  Althea had long hair, and was very playful.  Kenneth was the only one who could stand on his own, and I remembered him from our visit last February.  At that time he kept crawling and crawling from one corner to another.  I was kinda sad that he hasn’t been adopted yet.  Danero, another ‘chill’ baby, had really cute spiky hair.  Joshua was our last airbender, he really enjoyed it when we made him do some kung-fu moves!  Rosalinda was the “masungit” one, with a pouty face while she stared us down.  Lovely Naomi also had thick hair.  And Sam, who was much older, was a caring ‘big brother’.  He gave some toys to Kenneth and gave Althea her slippers.

We had to leave at around 3PM because it was raining so hard.  Ate Jean asked us to come back just to spend time with the babies, even if we didn’t have donations.  As much as the physical donations of medicines, vitamins, milk, and clothes, the babies need love.  I think we’ve decided separately to go back regularly.

Thank you to Kate, Marvin, Sharon, Edmond, Angie, Cathy, Bonch, Nicole and Brian for spending time with the kids.


Thanks to several generous souls, we were able to donate the following:

My Little Ways thanks Richard, Maribel, Jil, Maricar, Jt, Elvin, Cookie, Dom, Sharon and Gozo.

We also gave some children’s clothes and items, thanks to Cely and Rina.

Thank you also to Brian and Nicole who made a cash donation.


I am planning to give Concordia a permanent online home, so I gathered information about the organization, including its programs, wishlists, and information on how people can help them out.   My Little Ways has already purchased the domain – we will be working on that soon so watch out for it!

I will post the ways to help Concordia in a separate post.

Again, thank you to everyone who helped make the first My Little Ways activity a success!

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  1. Kate says:

    Good job on this post. I still owe you the photos for the site! :)

    • Mitch says:

      Hi, I also want to visit this place. I can go here anytime right? To whom I can get permission?

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