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It is by pure coincidence that I am starting this blog during the anniversary month of the devastating typhoon, Ondoy.  I have thought about starting a blog like this since last year, but I had some blog and WordPress troubles so I kept procrastinating.  I bought the domain early in the year after some discussions with a friend, but just worked on the site itself just recently.

What is this blog all about?  Why have it?  Ondoy has really changed my life.  The devastation it left was absolutely brutal.  It showcased the worst in men, in Filipinos – we have been very irresponsible with the environment, the government has not been doing what it’s supposed to do, the government was NOT prepared – the list goes on and on.  However, surprisingly, it also showcased the best in Filipinos – even without the government, private citizens from all over the world got together, displayed solidarity and helped out our fellow Filipinos in need.  The internet and social media made it so much easier to know what was needed, to coordinate with each other and to plan outreach activities.  I posted and reposted on Facebook and Twitter, coordinated with people I haven’t even met, received donations from friends, ordered items in bulk, and joined outreach operations in Angel Brigade and Ateneo.  I wasn’t alone.   Many, many people helped out in different ways – by donating cash and items, volunteering, organizing fundraising activities, and joining soup kitchens. It was actually a very beautiful thing – love and compassion and generosity and kindness all rolled into one.  BUT, if you look back, it was a result of something ugly.

And so I thought, we cannot and should not wait for another Ondoy to happen before we can be part of something beautiful again.  It’s not right.  Every single day, even without typhoons or earthquakes or other devastating events, people are in need.  Every single day, we have a responsibility to take care of the world around us, our environment.   And everyday, there are many opportunities for us to help out and to do something good.  Each of us can, in our own little way.

During Ondoy, I realized that many people want to help, and they do if you make it a little easier for them to do so – mainly by introducing opportunities to them and giving them information.  I plan to do that with this blog.  I will post news, events, volunteer opportunities, pleas for donations from charities and NGOs – anything and everything really – that will hopefully inspire others and choose their little ways to help out and do something good.

I hope you can help me out by sending information when you come across something good via mylittlewayswebsite@gmail.com

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