It has been a year since I “discovered” is a website that aims to help fight poverty by connecting people who are willing to lend money with entrepreneurs who need it most. It uses the power of the internet and social good to make microfinancing work for many. I’ve always thought that this was brilliant because it encourages individuals to help themselves and not just rely on others. Cliche as it may be for others, I do believe in the old saying “Give a man a fish; feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime.” And Kiva does just that – it helps people to build better lives for themselves.

After a year, 4 of the loans I made have been fully paid, and many others are in the process of being paid back. No defaults! I’ve always chosen Filipino entrepreneurs who are into agriculture, but I also made a couple of loans to non-Filipinos. I felt that I had to help fellow-Filipinos first, and they were other venues to help others. (I think there are different levels of giving – friends and family, fellow citizens in your country, and just about everyone in the planet. But that’s for another post.)

So if you have $25 to spare, check out and ‘help people who help themselves’.

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