Rustan’s Supermarket and Shopwise Reusable Bags

Rustans Reusable Bags

I started being conscious of the use of plastic bags when Shopwise (and Rustan’s Supermarket) introduced

their reusable bag program a couple of years ago.  I thought about how much plastic bags I used with our grocery shopping.   Too much!  So I bought their reusable bags for P99 each, and have been using them eversince.  I am now at a point where I don’t go to the grocery or buy very little when I forget the reusable bags at home.  I think we now have 8 of them at home, if I’m not mistaken.   Shopwise and Rustan’s have a very good scheme for their cardholders – if you use their reusable bags, you will earn double points for that particular purchase.  Isn’t that nice – you have double points AND you’re being environmentally responsible.

Now I wonder why the Rustans group isn’t using biodegradable plastic bags as their default bag…

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