Rustan’s Green Initiatives

I was really impressed with Shopwise/Rustan’s Supermarket when they first came out with their reusable bag program, where you get double points when you use their reusable bags, which are sold for P99.  They launched this way before everyone else.  However, I always wondered when they would replace their plastic bags with biodegradable ones.  It used to frustrate me that so many plastic bags were used at any given day – only a few customers would use the reusable bags.  (I would really be overjoyed when I’d see someone else using reusable bags – no kidding.) It took them a long time, but yes, they are now using biodegradable plastic bags!


Rustan’s Department Store is also going green. They are now using very thin paper bags.


I love it when companies go green, because of the huge impact. Imagine how many (non-biodegradable) plastic bags have been avoided with their decision to shift – we’re talking about thousands of bags! That’s a lot!

Yay for Rustan’s. I hope other companies will start going green as well and be conscious of the environmental impact of their practices.

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