Human Nature

I’ve been a user of hand sanitizers for such a long time, so I got bothered when I read about how some anti-bacterial ingredients, like Triclosan, can be bad.  And then I was introduced to Human Nature by my mom.  I began to research, and well, I am now a regular customer.

But it doesn’t just stop with the hand sanitizers.  I also use their hand soap, their lip balm, facial wash, massage oil, and their foundation.  I love that they only use natural ingredients, and they even have a lengthy explanation on what “natural” means.   In their website, they also listed the bad chemicals that they’ve replaced with natural and organic ingredients.

What I love most about Human Nature is their philosophy with the three core principles of being PRO-POOR, PRO-PHILIPPINES, and PRO-ENVIRONMENT.  They employ people from Gawad Kalinga communities , they only use natural ingredients, and as much as possible, all materials and ingredients come from the Philippines.  Such an eco-ethical company!

Check out their online store!  I highly recommend their hand sanitizers and hand soaps!

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