7-11’s Biodegradable Plastic Bags

7-11 is green! 7-11 was one of the first establishments that used biodegradable plastic bags. They’ve been using them even before Ondoy. After Ondoy, they donated bags to Angel Brigade, which were used to pack food and toiletries and other donations.  That was a LOT of bags!   I remember volunteering for Angel Brigade and working with those plastic bags for hours!  I think that really helped in making me more conscious of the plastic bags that I was using.

For distribution!

Donations for deployment!

One of the concerns with donations is the disposal of the trash afterwards.  There were A LOT of donations, which meant A LOT of plastic bags.  But with the bags from 7-11, we didn’t worry anymore.  At least the bags will decompose right away (as opposed to being there for… 100 years?) and they won’t clog drainages and contribute to environmental pollution. (Now that I think about it, I should have a separate entry on biodegradable plastic bags…)

So, kudos to 7-11, for going green early on.

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