Angel Brigade Shoeboxes from the US

Friends from the US, here’s a message from Angel Brigade:

Feeling frustrated on not being able to help in the Philippines because you’re all the way in the States? Fret no more! Our Angels from San Diego and the Bay Area have initiated an Angel Brigade Drive and are collecting Christmas Shoeboxes for 500 orphans and street children in Manila. Please tell your loved ones in the States that they can make a child happier this Christmas when they fill up a shoebox with Christmas love and cheer. Merry Christmas!

Join the ANGEL BRIGADE and help deliver Christmas Shoeboxes to the Orphans and Street Children of Manila, Philippines.

What do we need?

Shoeboxes that contain things that will make the kids light up during the holidays! Examples of what to put in the boxes: T-shirts/shorts, slippers, hard candy, small flashlights with batteries, toys, crayons, card games, coloring books, socks, underwear, Christmas cards…

We are encouraging kids to participate in this drive, pack their own boxes and share their things with less fortunate children from far away – gently used T-shirts, and toys are okay to send!

Clearly mark outside the shoebox if it’s for a BOY or GIRL and the AGE of the child the box should be given to. Boxes for Babies to children, age 12 are most appreciated!

Please do not seal the shoeboxes.

No chocolates or food that could melt or expire. Please let us know how many boxes you can pledge! We are hoping to reach a total of 500 boxes by October 31, 2010.

Boxes will be sent through the courtesy of LBC. We start shipping to the Philippines on October 4. All boxes must be mailed by October 31, 2010.

For questions & pick-up details, please call / e-mail:

  • In San Diego, call Susan Afan (925) 997-2449 /
  • In the Bay Area, Martz de Leon (925) 828-7543 /

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  1. I want to sponsor a child but I too am financially unstable and I can’t afford $20 a month. Plus, I want to make sure this money ALL goes to the child. Is there a company that takes items like toothpaste, underwear etc?.

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