Visit to Concordia Children’s Services

We scheduled a visit to Concordia Children’s Services on October 16, Saturday, 2PM.   We will visit the babies and toddlers and bring medicines, vitamins, toiletries, and milk.  They need to be hugged and held and to feel loved because most of them have been abandoned and neglected.  We are inviting you to join us during our visit.

The address is:  4443 Old Sta. Mesa St. Sampaloc, Metro Manila, Philippines

We are also accepting donations!  You can click here to find out what they need.   We can meet you there or if you can’t go, we can arrange to meet.  If you prefer to donate cash, just email us so we can arrange for pick up or transfer via Paypal or Gcash.  If you donate we will prepare a breakdown of the donations afterwards and send it to you.  We have a supplier that can sell the items on wholesale prices.

Help us make the first My Little Ways activity a success!

3 Responses to Visit to Concordia Children’s Services

  1. roclafamilia says:

    Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

  2. Chelcie Jo Mahinay says:

    Hi.! I want to give the little childrens some stuff toys and some clothes.I can’t donate money cause I’m only 16 years old. and I’m a friend of coach Sherri terrando she’s my coach in skating if it’s okay Can i visit the orphanage with one of my friend cause he likes helping little kids. Kindly please contact me 09179068302 I’m planning to visit the orphanage this Thursday or maybe next week.:)

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