Giving Thanks for 2010: Skydive for Life

I’m ‘moderately’ afraid of heights.
It was an offsite teambuilding activity and I served as a facilitator.  The highlight of the day was the leap of faith challenge, where each participant – strapped to a harness and literally supported by the rest of the team – climbed a 30ft pole, turned 180° once they got to the top, and jumped high and far to reach a rope dangling several meters away.  My group finished early and egged me on to do the leap myself.
Now, I’ve been to this training facility once before and I did two of their other ‘high-rise’ challenges, but leap was arguably their toughest.  As I would find out for myself, making it to the top was easy.  Doing the turn and jumping – with late afternoon winds gushing and a wobbly pole – weren’t.  I’d spare you the gory details but of everyone in the team, it probably took the most time for me to make the turn and jump.  It was embarrassing.
Looking back, the question I ask is: what was I afraid of?

Fast forward to 2010.

This year has been absolutely awesome.  I’m a week away from finishing my masters degree in one of the best universities in the world.  Standing on the shoulders of some of the smartest, most passionate, and creative people I’ve met in a diverse environment has been nothing short of amazing.

Overall, I’ve been inordinately blessed.  My family was of very modest means.  I stopped receiving allowances from my folks after Grade 5.  It wasn’t for ‘training’ but a necessity.  I got by through summer jobs, selling tamagochi and scientific calculators, cash gifts from well-meaning relatives (hooray for birthday / Christmas / New Year angpao!), and academic prizes.  Half of my university education was funded through a scholarship, while I have AusAID to thank for my current graduate studies.

My English teacher in 4th year high school used to say this during class: adversity builds character.  Allow me to offer my own aphorism: purpose comes from perspective.  We find the will to do the thing we must do when it is meaningful.  We animate the best versions of ourselves when we cling to our hopes and ideals, not our fears and doubts.

Some adversities are more adverse than others.

A more “adverse adversity”?  Cancer.  Particularly when it afflicts those who are most vulnerable – kids from low-income households.  In the Philippines, these families subsist on as low as P3,000 or US$68.24 a month, leaving precious little – if at all – for an ailing child’s treatment.

Thankfully, groups like the Cancer Warriors Foundation, an organization devoted to assisting poor children with cancer, give them a fighting chance.  The hardships these cancer warriors and their families endure cannot be adequately described in words.

We must help them.

Skydive for Life.

Crazy as it sounds, I want to try skydiving at least once in my life.  Simply put, it’s in my bucket list.  And as fate would have it, I’m visiting New Zealand next month, including Queenstown – the “adventure capital of the world”.  I could not ask for a better opportunity.

It is powerful when intent meets purpose.  I probably don’t have enough courage, right now at least, to skydive for its own sake.  But when doing so will positively impact a child and give him/her a shot at a decent life, then skydive I must and will.

I’ll be jumping from 9,000ft up in the sky on December 9.  If we raise P10 for every foot of altitude – that’s P90,000 or US$2,047.32 in total – this will support one cancer warrior for 18 months.  The amount will cover monthly medical supplies during chemotherapy, antibiotics, bone marrow aspirations and tests, laboratory procedures, and blood matching and transfusions.

Note that all funds raised will go to Cancer Warriors Foundation.  I’ll be paying for my travel to NZ and the fee for skydiving.

Magbayanihan tayo: Let us collectively help!

Help us raise funds with your pledges (at least P50 or US$1 or AU$1):

  • For those in PH
    • GCash – send to 09177583563
    • Or you can give the money to Charo or me in person
  • For those in AUS
    • Bank Transfer
      • Account Name: Mr Elvin I Uy
      • Account Number: 015010 527672268
    • Or you can hand to me the money directly
  • For Paypal – click on the Donate button on the right or send to

To get things started, I’m pledging the first $100. :)

For tracking purposes, we request that you email your name and pledged/donated amount to

Please help us spread the word through Facebook, Twitter (use hashtag #skydiveforlife), and other channels.

If you have any question, feel free to message Charo or me.

Thank you so much for your support.  With so little, we can do so much to help one brave warrior win her health back.

5 Responses to Giving Thanks for 2010: Skydive for Life

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  2. Skydiving when you are afraid of heights is brave but doing it to help save a life of a child with cancer is heroic! I pray that the skydive is successful and the funds generated BIG!!!
    God bless your kind heart.

    • elvinuy says:

      Thanks for the kinds word and support, Dita!

      You know what’s really heroic? A schoolmate of mine – she’s a Nigerian exchange student returning to our US campus after this semester – is absolutely (absolutely! her words btw) terrified of heights. When she found out about Skydive For Life, she decided to do the same with a friend next April to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.

  3. carambs says:

    Hi Dita! Thanks for dropping by!

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