Fear, exhilaration, and pure joy…

It was on November 20 when Charo (Carambs) and I first discussed the idea that eventually became Skydive For Life. I’m still processing and making sense of things that have happened leading up to this day, and the skydive itself especially.

I decided to do 12,000 feet instead of 9,000, giving me about 20 seconds more of free fall at terminal velocity of 200kph (you get 25 seconds of free fall at 9,000, but it takes roughly 12 seconds to get to terminal velocity.. yes, Physics!).

A friend of mine asked me how it felt. This was my answer: it’s probably the most alive I’ve ever felt – fear, exhilaration, and pure joy.

I’ll post more photos/videos and musings soon.

Again, many thanks for all the support and love in making Skydive For Life possible. Please continue to give or help us tap people who are willing to give. We’ve raised nearly 16 months worth of cancer support so far. Let’s get it up to 18 months if not more! :)

1st Photos of the way up, jumping off the plane, and free fall here.

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