Children’s Rights Festival 2010

The Children’s Rights Festival celebratesthe basic rights and freedoms of all children.  Through theater, dance, visual art and other activities, children will learn about their human rights and how to protect themselves and others from abuse and exploitation.  Essential health and welfare services will provided to marginalized children at the festival, including indigenous children, those living in the streets, those to have to work to support themselves, and those who are abused and disabled.

They need around 200 volunteers because they are expecting 2,500 children on the day itself, plus thousands more people just passing by.

Here are the details:

  • Date: November 20, 2010
  • Venue: Mall of Asia, San Miguel at the Bay

Important points that volunteers need to know:

  • Those interested in volunteering should email
  • Volunteers will need to attend volunteer orientation in Manila either on Nov. 6 (Saturday) or Nov. 19 (Friday).  (I don’t have the full details yet.)
  • You may purchase lunch and merienda for P150, but you will need to email no later than Nov. 6
  • For more details, you can email

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