Baby Love – Valentine’s Celebration at Concordia Children’s Services

Reinaldo Mia

This is the second year that we celebrated Valentine’s Day with the babies of Concordia Children’s Services.  A good friend, Kate, thought of it last year – she was thinking of how she can spend Valentine’s with her husband.  Then she invited friends, including me, and “the rest is history”.

This year, we had two groups – the first batch went in the morning, and the second batch went in the afternoon.  The morning batch arrived at around 11:00AM and they played with the babies until it was naptime.  The afternoon batch arrived at around 1:30PM, and the babies were still sleeping then.  When they woke up, their clothes were changed and then we played with them for two hours!  We were with the babies in the play area, while the toddlers were outside.

Kuya JT Ate Kate Kuya Marvin Ate Charo Kuya Elvin

The Kuyas and Ates

It was a bittersweet afternoon.  It was the last time we were going to see and play with Joshua, because he was scheduled to be picked up by his adoptive parents within the week.  I can’t imagine how the volunteers there feel – on one hand, it’s such a joy for a baby to be adopted and finally be part of a family, but on the other hand, it’s heartbreaking to let go of someone you’ve grown to love and care for.  Two of the toddlers will also be adopted within March – one will go to New Zealand, and one will go to Australia.  I wish and pray and their families will truly love them and give them everything they need.

I am always floored by the generosity of people.  I didn’t think we were going to raise much this time.  I must stop doubting!  This visit, we were able to give the following: lots of onesies and toys, baby supplies including diapers and milk worth P6500, and P11000 cash.

Diapers and Milk

If you have time, please do visit the babies.  They long to be carried, to have company.  They’re very chatty, so you have to be prepared to ‘talk’ to them.  And they’re well-behaved, so no need to worry. :)

Check out this link for more photos.

2 Responses to Baby Love – Valentine’s Celebration at Concordia Children’s Services

  1. Natalie says:

    Thank-you so much for caring for the children of Concordia. We are so excited to meet and cuddle our little guy for the first time in March. Be comforted in the knowledge that we, his forever family, love him so very, very dearly.

    • carambs says:

      Hi Natalie! I saw your posts on FB too! Please share photos if you can once he’s with you. It’s always bittersweet to see the babies go, but as you’ve mentioned, we are happy in knowing that they will be loved and care for by their new families. :)

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