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Human Nature

I’ve been a user of hand sanitizers for such a long time, so I got bothered when I read about how some anti-bacterial ingredients, like Triclosan, can be bad.  And then I was introduced to Human Nature by my mom. 

7-11’s Biodegradable Plastic Bags

7-11 was one of the first establishments that used biodegradable plastic bags. They’ve been using them even before Ondoy. After Ondoy, they donated bags to Angel Brigade, which were used to pack food and toiletries and other donations.  That was

Mini Stop going green!

More green good news! (Or is it good green news?)  Mini Stop is already using biodegradable plastic bags! That’s A LOT of plastic bags. I’m a happy camper! I hope more and more establishments follow suit! Tweet This Post

Rustan’s Green Initiatives

I was really impressed with Shopwise/Rustan’s Supermarket when they first came out with their reusable bag program, where you get double points when you use their reusable bags, which are sold for P99.  They launched this way before everyone else. 

Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2011 will be on March 26, 2011.   How are you going to celebrate it? I really like Earth Hour because of the awareness it generates, and because it can serve as a starting point for many people who

Messy Bessy Household Cleaning Products

I’ve seen them online a couple of times but didn’t really pay attention until Rags2Riches teamed up with them for Christmas 2010.  So I searched for them online. Messy Bessy, as they describe it, is a line of worry-free household

Save the Taiji Dolphins

Dolphins, the adorable and playful creatures of the sea, are very intelligent. Some of them even teach their young to use tools. Last May 2005, an Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin was found teaching its young to cover its snout with sponges

Rustan’s Supermarket and Shopwise Reusable Bags

I started being conscious of the use of plastic bags when Shopwise (and Rustan’s Supermarket) introduced their reusable bag program a couple of years ago.  I thought about how much plastic bags I used with our grocery shopping.   Too much!